Posted by: monsonmadness | September 24, 2012

Beware of the political post…

This is the very first time I have voted in a general election. I left the UK the day after my 19th birthday, so never had a chance to vote there. I became a United States citizen just over two years ago, so have voted in some local elections, but this is my first general election. I am pretty excited that I have this opportunity, but very frustrated with the election process in general.

Unlike many of you, I haven’t been posting any political comments on facebook the last few months. Most comments that I see appear to come from people who are certain of their candidate and most are fired up and passionate about them, many of them being extremely negative and critical of the other party. The ads that the parties and super pacs run are just ridiculous. Of course they sway voters but how much of them can we really trust? Who is telling the truth?

It seems to me that this election, perhaps more than any other, is riddled with negativity, judgement and criticism. Personal attacks are rampant, animosity is everywhere, and it’s just downright dirty.

There are very limited TV channels here, and so Michael and I find ourselves watching CNN as we fold laundry or exercise in the evenings. We know all of the political commentators by name, watch representatives from both major parties battle it out on TV, and watched both of the national conventions. There were things that we liked and disliked in both (and yes, the empty chair was ridiculously embarassing).

Personally, I thought that both of the wives were the most impressive. Maybe they should run instead!

I also thought that Bill Clinton, Julian Castro, Condoleeza Rice, Marco Rubio, Mia Love and Elizabeth Warren had great speeches.

There are many things that I don’t like about the election and politics in general here…mainly the fact that money can buy you positions, and that politicians can get up in front of the nation and make so many errors (or lies) in their speeches that are later caught with fact checking. I just feel that for ordinary people at home, it is hard to know who is speaking truth and what the real facts are. I wish that someone neutral could just post something online in one place that had all the information about the different candidates, their platform and policies, their goals and ideals (with specific details of how to achieve them) for all of us to see so that we could make an informed decision about who we would like to represent our country. Maybe that’s out there already and I’m just oblivious to it…

Anyway, for many people this election may be a simple decision, maybe when you vote you always stick to a certain party. For me, although party is important, the individual is more important. They don’t always represent all of their party’s ideals…both candidates are good people who want to help their nation in different ways…There are good people all over the country who belong to both major parties. I’m almost certain I know who I’m going to vote for, but I need to check a few things out first.

So, I have just received my absentee ballot (how did Rocky Anderson get on there as a Presidential nominee?) and will start my in depth research! Time to look at each candidate’s qualifications, issues, and propositions. It’ll take a while I’m sure, but I for one, don’t take voting lightly, and won’t just be filling in circles based on a party affiliation.

Having done all of this complaining about politics, I am so grateful to live in a country where we have a democracy, such wonderful freedoms, and can choose our own government leaders. We shouldn’t take that for granted, and we are certainly better off than many others around the world.


  1. This exactly articulates my feelings. Despite being related to one of the candidates (distantly) I’m not sure yet either.

  2. A none political comment- Mitt Romney’s ancester is Miles Park Romney- related to Romney the painter. Both came from Dalton in Furness. Liz

  3. Miles is distantly related to Mitt too!! That’s not why I’m voting for him though. 😉

  4. How exciting. I remember the first national election I voted in. I was a bit younger but it made me feel so adult and so proud to be able to help make decisions in our country.

  5. Very well said, Helen!

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