Posted by: monsonmadness | September 28, 2012

What is a mall?

* Michael left last night on a one week business trip to San Diego. He has a day layover in Hawaii each way.

Today the kids and I were talking about what Dad might be doing in Hawaii…the kids asked me what I would do if I was there for a day. I said, “I’d probably go to the temple, and then the beach, maybe a hike, get some frozen yogurt, go shopping, probably the mall…”

Benjamin interrupted with, “What’s a mall?” Have we really been away that long? We are island people now!

The funniest part of this conversation is that Hannah added, “I know what Dad’s doing in Hawaii…he probably went to the store to go and buy a loaf of wheat bread”. Yep, she knows her Daddy all right.

Here are some more random kid sayings:

* There are many days that Mary doesn’t want to take a nap. I still make her anyway. Today, as she was protesting why she didn’t want to nap she said, “Mom, Jesus didn’t take naps and I’m trying to be like him, so I don’t need to take naps either.” How the heck am I supposed to argue that when I have no scriptural evidence of Jesus napping? Smart kid.

* My kids are normal. They fight. A lot. They said rude things to each other. A lot. Sometimes, I have a hard time not laughing out loud at some of the things they say. For example, the other day in home school Mary apparently got bored with what she was doing and tried to climb up the book case herself to choose something more interesting! Emma tried to stop Mary by tugging on her pants which accidentally came down. Mary started screaming about Emma being mean and pulling her pants down, and Emma got defensive and shouted out in her best 2 year old voice, “Leave me alone you ugly duckling”

Yep, I’m an awesome parent!

Really though, Emma is so full of attitude (which Michael completely blames on me). Some of her other lines recently have been,

“Hannah is not my sweetie because she pulled my hair. She is NOT my sweetie!”

and, “No thanks! Poo Poo.”


* More home school stuff…I built speech and OT services into our home school curriculum and the kids don’t even know it. Of course, it’s all for Matthew’s benefit, but the other kids can learn a thing or two as well. For speech he needs a lot of work with memory, recall, comprehension and expressing himself.

Matthew really struggles with writing his thoughts down as well as anything abstract. He is only comfortable writing facts, data, and statistics. Trying to get him to write a paragraph with meaning is almost impossible, so for this assignment, we were explaining how to add detail. I asked them to start with a simple sentence, then write three more sentences, each with a little more detail than the last one.

Matthew knows me all too well, and came up with some great sentences. He did the assignment very well, it’s the subject matter that cracks me up!

“A big package arrived.

A big package arrived with 40 bags of chips inside.

A big package arrived today with 40 bags of chips inside.

A big package arrived today for Mom with 40 bags of chips inside.”

Isn’t he cute?

* Since we’re talking about Matthew, here’s what he wrote when I gave him an assignment on the book Pollyanna (AMAZING book by the way, I had never read it before, we just finished it and I highly recommend it)

The question that I gave the kids was, “What would you do if you found an injured person in the woods?”

Matthew’s answer: “If I found an injured person in the woods, I would give the person food to eat and water to drink. I would feel his pulse to see if he was really injured. If his heart was beating just fine, then I would call a doctor. If his heart was beating fast, I would holler for a person to come and help me. If he asked me to do something fast, I would go super fast. I would not show someone who was dead to hospital workers, so I would just figure it out by myself.”

* There’s always something to chuckle about around here…


  1. I love Matthew’s sentences!! Your kids are funny! We recently mentioned the mall and our kids asked what it was too. You can tell I’m not a fan of shopping!!

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