Posted by: monsonmadness | October 7, 2012

Michael’s week without us

Insisted on wearing shorts on the flight to Hawaii and froze to death with the AC

Napped in the hotel in Hawaii, then spent hours shopping at WalMart

Laughed at his colleague who went crazy at banana prices…only 24c each! (My Mum bought a bunch of bananas at the grocery store when she came over and they cost more than $9!)

Nice hotel in San Diego except very expensive, ridiculous prices for parking, internet, breakfast…

Beautiful view of San Diego harbor

Enjoyed cooler temperatures and a REALLY comfortable bed and pillow in the hotel. Could even sleep cozily with a cover on (impossible here)

Enjoyed the hotel gym

Shopped at the Disney store for the kids

Went to Target twice

Great food. Ate Indian food, panini, cheesecake factory,Panda Express, Denny’s, best steak of his life at Morton’s Steakhouse and more…(I’m not jealous at all!)

Skyping with the family each day

Worried about Mary

Oh yes, don’t forget the reason for the trip. Meetings. Meetings to discuss issues regarding importing fuel to American Samoa. No idea why these meetings couldn’t have taken place in American Samoa.

Went to San Diego zoo and had an amazing time. Didn’t think it was funny that I thought it was funny that he and his adult colleague went to the zoo together without kids. Michael and his friend, walking around taking photos of the animals on their man-date.

Shocked at the suggestion of where next years meeting would be…Tahiti…Fiji…hello people…how about American Samoa???

Passed up a chance to go to the Polynesian cultural center in Hawaii to stay at the hotel and watch the presidential debate (????????)

Old GPS wasn’t up to date, ended up at an old air force base in Hawaii instead of Wal-Mart!

Looked around Waikiki

AC was broken on the flight on the way home so had a 6 hour delay, arriving home at 3am

Can’t bear the heat in American Samoa. Temperature reads the same as San Diego, but the humidity here makes it unbearable

Ambushed by my family with welcome home signs

Great to be home


  1. That is funny that he went to the zoo with another guy!! But it’s even funnier that he posed for a funny picture with the polar bear while his guy friend took the picture!!

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