Posted by: monsonmadness | October 7, 2012

My week without Michael

Went into Samu’s for fun Friday to order seven ice creams, and was asked, “is this for your school class?”

Soccer practice in the torrential rain

Pizza night

Movie night, Jumanji (scared all the kids to death, do not recommend for young children!)

Cleaned the house

Went to Lions park for a picnic

Watched the General Relief Society meeting

Attended a baptism

Taught my eldest four birds and the bees 101 and how babies are born

Went to church

Let Hannah take a photo of me which makes it look like I have devil horns

Sweat it out in another power cut

More soccer

2 hours folding laundry, sore back.

Used the AC to go to sleep on the 1 hour timer every night – it’s getting HOT

Cleaned up a squashed lizard in the door that was being eaten by ants

Had the kids sweep out a very big, but thankfully dead spider

Lots of home school

Saw Mary develop a bad infection

Got a priesthood blessing for Mary from a missionary

Went to LBJ hospital for appointment, and then waited 2 hours at the pharmacy

Had a play date with new friends

Pinewood derby (slowest cars as usual, but awards for most creative and most original, boys were thrilled)

Mary gagging on medicine

Draining Mary’s abscess

Watched Presidential debate

Playdate for hannah

Grocery shopping

Took kids to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania

Waited up until midnight for Michael to get home (supposed to be 9.30pm) He got back at 3am.

Drank my 2 litre bottle of diet caffeine free coke that Michael brought back for me.

Good week.



  1. I love their pinewood derby cars!!!! Sounds like a pretty good week. Did the kids like Hotel Transylvania? Yay for Diet Coke!!

  2. Excellent. You got lots done, at least. Variety for the kids, which will make it more interesting for them. Weird about ice cream comment. It’s not as if you haven’t been there before……many times! Well, at least you survived. Enjoyed Michael’s blog too. Well, sometimes visiting places usually associated with kids is better without them! You get to see animals properly without being asked to carry, walk on, take someone to the loo, etc…. I agree with the kids about Jumanji. Not scared, but not really a kids’ film, I think. Must see the photo of you with devil horns! Love, Mumxxxxxxx

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  3. How did you like Hotel Transylvania? I took Robyn and she liked it. I thought it was okay — well, at least I didn’t fall asleep during it. 🙂

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