Posted by: monsonmadness | October 12, 2012

Ten kids and still smiling

Last weekend was a holiday weekend, and we had four extra kids as part of our babysitting trade with our friends. They flew over to Apia to to go to the temple, and they will watch our kids for the weekend when we go to Australia.

We had a great time. Their children are extremely well behaved (and put mine to shame) and we didn’t have any problems at all, other than kids not wanting to go to bed at night and wanting to chat and giggle instead (who can blame them…six kids in one room = fun right?)

The weather wasn’t great so we did some indoor crafts, watched a movie, ate cookies, and then had a water balloon fight outside. Daniel didn’t hold anything back! I love these photos. It took me an hour to fill up all the balloons and the water fight was over in less than two minutes! I also love the photo of 1 year old Linus eating a taco! So cute.

Michael and I went to bed by 9pm every night pretty tired, but we are so grateful for good friends to do babysitting trades with.


  1. Glad to hear the weekend went well! I bet their daughter loves being around your girls. LOVE Daniel’s face!!!!

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