Posted by: monsonmadness | October 21, 2012

Choose The Right

I have been preoccupied for several months with a special assignment that I had. It has taken so much time, thought, prayer and energy, and I am grateful for the learning opportunity, although relieved that it is now over!

As you know, I currently serve in the Primary presidency in my church. We are responsible for all of the children (almost 100).

Once a year, in every LDS church all over the world, the children put on a program for the rest of the church members based on what they have learned each week in Primary that year, and that was my assignment!

I didn’t want it to be a presentation, I wanted it to be more of a teaching opportunity, so after months of fasting, prayer and temple attendance, a program was written that was based on the principles of Elder David A. Bednar (an Apostle) and Russell T. Osguthorpe who is the Sunday School General President for the Church. They teach about the importance of being diligent learners, that we need to be active participants in learning, and that there are four basic elements to successful teaching: Conversion is the aim, love is the motive, doctrine is the key, and the Spirit is the teacher.

This means that the goal of teaching in our church is that people will, of their own free will and choice, decide to change. That based on the true principles that they hear, and the love that they feel from the teacher, the Spirit can testify to them of truth, and that they will be converted and will make decisions in their life that will bring them closer to the Savior. That was our goal with our Primary Program.

Our program consisted of groups and individuals reciting themes and scriptures, sharing their testimonies of gospel principles, and asking questions that invited personal reflection and action.

Our theme was “Choose The Right” and the children did such a wonderful job of sharing how basic gospel principles help them to choose the right in their daily lives. They were amazing. The spirit was very strong and their teaching was powerful.

I feel very blessed to work with the children at church. They are pure and good, and they teach me so much. I am grateful for their examples and I know that I need to become more child-like in so many ways.

Here is a photo of me after the program. A good friend lent me her maternity puletasi, and someone at church gave me a lei to wear today for the program. I look very Samoan don’t I?


  1. Helen, you are so beautiful.

  2. You look cute! Good job on the program. Ours is next week!

  3. You look beautiful, Helen!

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