Posted by: monsonmadness | October 22, 2012

Time Zones

Why oh why can’t I get used to handling different time zones? I know I’ve mentioned this before, and I thought I was quite an intelligent person, but for some reason time zones just get me so confused.

The last six months have been fine. We have been 5 hours different from Utah and 12 hours different from the UK. Really easy to remember. If it’s 7pm at night in the UK, it’s 7am here. Simple. We don’t change our clocks here in American Samoa, and so we just sit and wait for all of the different times that changes are made elsewhere in the world.

I’m trying to set up some Skype calls and it’s so confusing…Utah changes their clocks on the 4th Nov so we’ll be 4 hours different. UK changes their clocks on the 28th Oct so we’ll be 11 hours different. (and I hate that because I can never remember if they’re an hour before or after in the morning/night)

Then, I realized today that this time in two weeks, we’ll be in Australia! How did that happen so quickly? I started to write out instructions and schedules for the babysitter and tried to plan some times that we could Skype with the kids. Easier said than done…their daylight savings ended on Oct 4th, but not all parts of Australia observe it.

Sydney is one day ahead of us, but two hours behind (meaning 22 hours ahead). Ok, no big deal I thought, then decided to check Adelaide to see if it was in a different time zone. It was 30 minutes more than Sydney! What the heck? I’ve never heard of that before…time changes in half hours. How confusing is that? So we will be 22.5 hours ahead when we’re in Adelaide. Oh my. Now to try to schedule times when we’ll be at a hotel with internet and our kids will be awake and at home to talk to us! Nightmare!


  1. Confusing!! I have never heard of a half an hour time change either. Strange.

  2. Australia! How exciting! Never been there, but one of my favorite movies is Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Ever seen it? I fell in love with Australia after seeing that movie, and I make sure I watch it at least one time every year. Maybe someday I will make it there, too!

    Helen, I need to send an Email to you but don’t have your address. Will you send it to me? Thanks. Sharon 🙂

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