Posted by: monsonmadness | October 23, 2012


* Michael got a speeding ticket today for going 29 mph. He blamed it on being distracted by two bulls fighting in the street. Hmm…

* I wangled an ultrasound! Hee hee. It’s next Thursday 1st November. I’ll be 24 weeks. Baby better not have its legs crossed or there’ll be trouble. What do you think…boy or girl?

* Just love this photo of Emma in the library…

* After learning about Native Americans, we made feather head dresses and danced around totem poles. It was fun.

* Took the kids out on a field trip. We ate food from the Philippines, and then tried to not get blown into the harbor.

* Took the kids to a friend’s swimming pool (3rd time in pool in 1 1/2 years!) It was AWESOME. Wish I could do it more often so that my kids could learn to swim!

* Dad has been spending a lot of drawing time with the kids

* Beautiful sunset

Halloween costumes and photos coming up soon…


  1. That is funny about Michael’s speeding ticket!! Glad you are able to get an ultrasound!!! I am going to guess a boy.

  2. I love the picture of Emma in the library. That is adorable. I’m guessing a boy, also.

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