Posted by: monsonmadness | November 1, 2012

Boy or girl…place your bets!

Remember how I was so happy that I had wangled an ultrasound? Well, they cancelled it. I was so bummed.

I was also bummed to be refused care at the OBGYN clinic because I’m high risk. Guess after five months of me telling them about my thyroid issues and organizing blood draws for myself, they’ve acknowledged it, and since they don’t have any specialists here, they can’t see me anymore (at least, until I got checked out by a family medicine physician who knows what a thyroid is). I’m just too much of a liability apparently.

So, today I had the appointment with the family medicine doctor and guess what? She looked at my lab work and said that everything was normal and I was ok to be seen by the OBGYN’s. Go figure! I tried to tell them that myself!

What was not so awesome was the doctor telling me that I have a heart murmur and that I have to come back in again tomorrow for an EKG. Based on our experiences here like being told I had Hep B when I didn’t, Michael and I are not worried at all, and we assume that the doctor had a dirty stethoscope or something!!!! Anyway, I have an EKG tomorrow morning followed by…an ultrasound!!!  Guess people with suspected heart murmurs get more attention and care! Ha! the silly patience games I have to play here.

So now is your time to place your bets. Boy or girl?


  1. Boy!!!

  2. Pants! I was hoping to hear this morning! Now I’m going to have to wait until Monday before I find out!!!!!


  3. I am so glad you are getting an ultrasound! They are so important and most people underestimate their importance (even doctors). But my guess on the baby’s sex will be….a boy!

  4. girl

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