Posted by: monsonmadness | November 2, 2012

Hospital update

Don’t feel like writing at all right now, but I know there are lots of family and friends waiting to hear about how things went at the hospital today, so here we go…

The good news? The baby is healthy and strong and doing just fine.

The rest of the news? Just ridiculous and confusing. My four very long hours at the hospital went something like this:

Told I wasn’t on the schedule and couldn’t have an ultrasound today. Got yelled at. Told to go home.

Called my NP friend who had to come in and sort it all out. Got yelled at by several more nurses.

Waited for 1 hour while they were sorting out my appointment before I could even get on the waiting list.

Officially moved to the high risk clinic, which means all my appointments in the future have to be this same deal, waiting for 3+ hours with all the kids even though the sign in the waiting room says “no children allowed”.

Waited one more hour in the waiting room, then they decided that I had to see a doctor before I could get the ultrasound. Waited for the doctor then went in for my 2 minute appointment which consisted of her measuring my tummy and hearing the baby’s heartbeat. Back to waiting…

Finally, another hour later…got into the ultrasound with all the family (kids were totally losing it by now) and the doctor was unable to tell the gender of the baby because it stuck it’s bottom in the way. He tried a couple of times, but couldn’t tell. Awesome.

Next…off to the family medicine clinic for my EKG. EKG was fast and easy. Thank you! Was told I needed to wait to see the doctor so that she could read the results. She was at lunch. I was told I could eat lunch then come back.

Ate in the cafeteria then came back to the office to wait. And wait. And wait. No doctor. By now we have been at the hospital for 4 hours and the kids are not interested in being there one bit. I asked if someone else can read the results, so someone else comes out and tells me that the EKG was not normal, and that I have a left posterior fascicular block. (?????)

He didn’t know what effect this would have on my pregnancy or what I needed to do about it. Awesome. I have already contacted a friend from the cardiologist office where I used to work in Utah, so hopefully I can get some real answers soon on what this might mean.

That’s all. Feeling pretty frustrated would be a huge understatement. Really feel like I need to get away from it all and have a vacation or something. Oh wait! 😉


  1. Sounds like a horrible ordeal

  2. Oh man, that stinks!!! What a horrible experience. I hope that you can get your EKG figured out and that everything is ok. It is pretty good timing for an awesome vacation!!

  3. Bummer. Sounds like Britain. 😉

  4. That stinks! I hate waiting for results but that could be because I am impatient person. Hope everything is sorted out quickly but I’m glad to hear the baby is healthy!

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