Posted by: monsonmadness | November 8, 2012

Australia randoms

* Australians drive on the left, which means that I got to be the designated driver on this trip. Getting used to driving at 110kmph when I’m used to maxing out at 25mph is a little nerve wracking to say the least. Throwing in multiple lanes of traffic, roundabouts, traffic lights, and lots of city driving also doesn’t help!

I brushed up on some of the Australian driving rules in preparation, and was interested to read that drivers here need to “watch out for animals such as kangaroos on the roads. If you do hit a marsupial you are legally required to stop and check whether or not they had any young in their pouches.”

I thought this would just be in the outback, not near the cities, but sure enough, once we got out of Adelaide and drove a few kilometers into the country, we saw these two signs:

* We took several scenic drives and enjoyed the gorgeous countryside. There were orchards and vineyards galore, it was very beautiful. If we were wine drinkers, we could have had a much fuller itinary…there are loads of wineries along the route. In fact, the same day that we arrived in Adelaide, Prince Charles and Camilla also arrived, but while we were cuddling koalas and feeding kangaroos, they were wine tasting! To each his own…

* Accommodation was hard to find on this trip, and we discovered the reason. There is a huge lifeguard competition going on right now in Adelaide, supposedly the biggest in the world. We have avoided the beaches so far, but may try to get in on some the the Baywatch action on Saturday…

* We really wanted to see a platypus, but apparently they are nocturnal so we don’t have much chance…

* One of our stops was at a toy factory. It was fun to walk around, but even more fun to climb the largest rocking horse in the world!

Michael opted out of this activity, and the sign did say that pregnant people shouldn’t climb, but I am a risk taker, and how could I not get to the top of the rocking horse? They even give you a certificate of accomplishment!

Michael was a lot happier on this one!

* Another stop was in a cute little German town called Hahndorf. If we had loads of money, it would have been easy to spend it here, especially if we wanted to buy a cuckoo clock or an alligator pelt.

* And this one is just for our kids because it will make them giggle…

We love Australia.


  1. Ahhh….looks awesome!!! I’m glad you stuck with our rule of doing or seeing anything that is the wold’s largest! The world’s largest rocking horse is much cooler than the world’s largest corn palace!!! And that last picture made me giggle too. Glad you are having a good time!

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