Posted by: monsonmadness | November 9, 2012

Downtown Adelaide

When most people think of going “down under” they think it will be a lot hotter. The opposite is true for us, maybe because we’re not really going too far under, just a little bit around! Every time we get to leave the island, it’s to a colder place, and we don’t own any warm clothes. Thanks to a couple of purchases on ebay for some maternity jeans and long t-shirts, we were ready for our trip. The weather has been great since we’ve been here, in the 70’s every day, and we really enjoy not having to deal with the humidity; I’ve even been wearing my hair down! The nights however get really cold! We are not used to it at all. We wear our clothes to bed and put on extra blankets, but we still shiver and can’t get used to it.

Anyway, yesterday we spent the day in the central business district of Adelaide. We started off at the market. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it before. I think I will have to write a separate post just about food. Having come from a place where fresh food is so limited, this was such an eye opener. Australia has such a great climate that there is an abundance of fresh food year round. Tasting the free samples wasn’t bad either!

After the market, we headed off to the University of Adelaide for Michael’s talk…the whole reason we came here. City campuses scare me, but the part which has the law school was pretty secluded with old buildings, water fountains, and nice trees and flowers.

I may be biased, but he did such a great job. His 45 minute talk was interesting, and even I with my very limited brain cells could follow along. There was 15 minutes at the end for question and answer period which was full of good discussion. The audience really got into it and had a lot to ask and say. The inviting professor was so impressed that he asked Michael to submit a paper for his talk that they may publish in the University of Adelaide law review.

We hadn’t planned anything for after the talk, so decided to stop in at the Museum of Adelaide. This made us miss our kids, because they would have just LOVED it there. There were lots of aboriginal artworks and artifacts, as well as so many displays on Australian animals and creatures as well as many other pacific countries.

We went back to the hotel to rest, and then headed off in the evening to the Adelaide temple. Another great day in Australia. Only one more to go…



  1. Brilliant. Glad it went well for Michael, and that you then had a lot of time to relax. Sounds as though it was worth the trio, despite the hassle at the beginning. Xxx

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