Posted by: monsonmadness | November 10, 2012

Temple, indigenous Australian dance lessons, and lifeguard world championships

Our last day in Australia was full and fun. We woke up very early so that we could go to the temple again. The people there were so friendly and welcoming.

Afterwards we stopped for a delicious breakfast, and then drove into the city center. We certainly picked a popular time of year to visit Adelaide. I already mentioned that Prince Charles was here on Wednesday. Hillary Clinton is visiting next week, there is a big lifeguard competition on here right now, and today was the 80th Adelaide Christmas parade, complete with thousands of people, floats, and yes, Father Christmas.  It’s still funny to me to see people celebrating Christmas in such sunny, hot weather. We purposely tried to miss the parade, but caught one float at the end! We preferred to go on to Tandanya (means red kangaroo place). Tandanya is the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, and displays artwork from the two indigenous Australian people, the Aborigines and the Torres Straits islanders. 

We went to a 45 minute cultural lecture where we were taught some of the history, customs and native language of these people, who have lived in Australia for thousands of years. He even taught us one of their dances! It’ll be fun to teach it to the kids.

When we were finished there we headed off to Glenelg, a “quite seaside town” about 15 minutes southwest of Adelaide. It was anything but quiet and we soon realized we had stumbled across Rescue 2012, the World Lifesaving Championships. We were actually thrilled about this. It was so fascinating. Countries from all over the world were competing in these championships. There were sprints, relays, swimming races, paddling board races, boat rescues and more.

I liked to think that we were witnessing a real “Olympic style” competition. Here were the best individuals from their countries competing just a few feet in front of us. We stayed for a couple of hours (got sunburnt), and were able to watch Great Britain come in last place (oh I’m so proud) and Iran knock the socks off the competition in the sand sprints. Michael should go into the laffy taffy joke business because he mentioned that was why they were called Iran (I ran, get it?) They were so fast. Both their women’s and their men’s teams won.

I had to try getting into the ocean because it looked so beautiful, but IT WAS FREEZING! Doesn’t really compare to the bathtub temperature ocean that we’re used to. Will i ever be able to enjoy the ocean again after living in American Samoa?

In the evening we met up with a really nice couple. Michael had met the man at the conference in New Zealand earlier this year, and when he heard we were coming, he offered to take us out for dinner. He and his wife reminded me of my Aunt and Uncle, and we got along well. They took us out for a delicious Indian banquet and then drove us all around the city in his fancy sports car giving us a great tour and explaining all about Adelaide. We went to a lookout over the city, and then headed back down to get some gelato. Such nice people.

And that brings us to the end of our trip. Tomorrow we will wake up and go to church, then eat our picnic lunch and head back to the airport. We will be travelling all day and night, and hopefully arrive back in time to meet up our kids at our own church. (We will have two Sundays back to back because of crossing the international date line).

We have had a great trip, our last hurrah. Now we need to hunker down back in American Samoa and wait for our baby to be born! Our next trip? Hawaii on our way back to the states next June…



  1. I’m glad you had such a fun filled trip. I know what you mean about the ocean. Puerto Rico was so warm too.

  2. Awesome trip!!!

  3. Indian food sounds so good right now! My favorites are idli sambhar and masala dosa, sweet lassie, gulab jaman

  4. Which Auntie and Uncle did the man remind you of?


  5. What a fun trip!

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