Posted by: monsonmadness | November 13, 2012

While the cat’s away…

…the mice will play, and play they did! While we were on our Australian vacation, our children were (mostly) having a wonderful time with their babysitters.

During the day, their old principal and the Bishop’s wife was taking care of them. In the evenings, a friend and school teacher from the ward was taking care of them, and at the weekend, our friends who we trade babysitting with had them.

We felt very comfortable leaving them in such capable hands and were not worried about their welfare while we were gone. We were more concerned if we would push any of the babysitters over the edge towards a nervous breakdown or give them grey hairs.

Our kids enjoyed more treats and TV than usual, AC on in their bedrooms all night, not as many home school assignments, more field trips, a trip to MacDonalds, lots of time with friends and more.

BUT…our kids know how to “bend the rules” to get what they want, and they weren’t the perfect little angels I had hoped they would be. I think some of the babysitters were shocked by how naughty our kids were at times, and others were just completely exhausted at how intense it is to take care of so many kids.

Am I embarrassed? Yes. Am I taking it personally? Kind of.

Not too seriously though. Obviously need to figure out how to parent a lot better and how to get my kids to behave even when I’m not around, but at the same time, kids will be kids right? I know that I would try and get away with all kinds of stuff when my parents weren’t around, so it’s just natural right?

We have held back one of our presents from Australia for a week because they each had some bad behavior while we were gone. I wasn’t too surprised to find out that some of the kids had lied, stolen toys or treats, hurt each other etc. I was surprised however, to come home and find Mary looking like this…

…so playing the glad game again: I am glad that none of my kids were injured or hurt while we were gone. Broken bones and stitches would have been worse. What’s a little hair anyway? I am also glad that Mary kept the cutting to her own head and didn’t try to do Emma’s hair as well. I am glad that it was Mary more than anyone else since she already had “hair issues” after losing so much hair last year. We’ve definitely taken several huge steps backwards with her appearance, but she’s a happy child full of personality and apparently doesn’t mind looking like a boy with bald patches on the top of her head and at the back.

I think we should cut it all short and start from scratch. Michael thinks we should leave it and wait for it to grow back. What do you think?



  1. I would cut it so to even it out. If you leave it as is those long strands are going to drive you crazy — At least it would me.

  2. I agree with Michael. Just leave it and it will grow back soon. Cherice did the same thing when she was about Mary’s age. She wanted to look like her brother, Cy, so cut all her bangs off. We still have a picture of that one to remind us. So fun to see other families going through the same thing. Let me tell you, cutting one’s bangs is nothing compared to what they will put you through as teenagers. Enjoy the time they are young! Hair will grow back, and it is always a conversation starter to have no bangs!


  3. Oh no! How funny that she did that while you were away! I think your kids are awesome- they might be normal kids that get into trouble, but they are better behaved than most!! My kids surprise people when they get comfortable being around them and start to act up. If they don’t know someone very well they are pretty quiet and shy, but then when they feel comfortable they don’t hold themselves back! I think I would lean towards cutting Mary’s hair so it would be sort of even- I think the longer bits would bug me!

  4. time to give her a buzz!!! 🙂 they say that is good for hair growth anyway. Help her start fresh! give that Mary some love from Auntie Addie

  5. Hmmm. . . I think I’d trim the longer strands to even most of it out. Buzzing it would make me want to cry, but would probably be better in the long run. Just get her some headbands . . .

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