Posted by: monsonmadness | November 15, 2012

Gestational diabetes or a result of Australian binge eating?

Yesterday I had to take the horrible 2 hour glucose test at the hospital to see if I have gestational diabetes. I had to go in fasting and they drew my blood three separate times. For someone who still suffers from “morning” sickness, it really wasn’t fun at all. I found out today that I failed the test.

I wasn’t totally shocked because I had gestational diabetes on one of my other four pregnancies, but I am very, very disappointed. Without the easily accessible British crisps to get me through my junk food cravings, how am I supposed to get along in this insufferable heat without some comfort from sugary treats?

It got me thinking as to whether I could have “faked” the test since I am only borderline. Could what I have eaten in the days before made a difference on the test? Then I started thinking about what I did eat when we were in Australia. It’s a little embarrassing to list actually, but I’d like to remember this, so I’ll go ahead and write it all down…

Remember that food is only such a big deal because there is NO VARIETY on this island. The handful of restaurants here all serve the same menus, all shipped in on the same boats, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never eat at MacDonald’s, Pizza hut, or KFC after we leave.

Fresh food is hard to come by, and comfort foods for pregnancy cravings? Forget it!

Let’s start off with the incredible food on the plane from New Zealand to Australia. I was served Indian food with a nice warm wheat dinner roll and cookies and cream flavored ice cream for dessert! Wow! You’ve got to be kidding me! Beats the regular “chicken or pasta?” hands down.

Breakfast consisted of walking into a bakery and Michael choosing some kind of simple bread roll, or if he was feeling adventurous that day, a ham and cheese croissant. Fresh bread? Fresh pastries? Yes please, I’ll have one of everything. It was almost more torturous to have to choose one or two things from the hundreds of scrumptious treats than to have nothing at all. I wanted to try every kind of donut, cookie, cake, iced bun, macaroon, eclair, pie, gingerbread man, currant bun and tart. All washed down with a sparkling lemon drink, it was a great way to start each day.

I knew I had to eat some “real bacon” while we were there too, so one morning we went out for a cooked breakfast. I wasn’t disappointed, and yes, that is a custard slice on the side as well. I am eating for two you know.

Now, one of the things that we didn’t try was kangaroo. It was sold everywhere, has virtually no fat, and is supposed to taste like game. After we had been so excited to get up close and personal feeding the live ones, we didn’t exactly feel thrilled to eat any of them, so we passed on that opportunity.

Visiting the market in Adelaide was amazing. I have never seen so much fresh food under one roof before. Row after row of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish, breads, cakes, nuts, candy, you name it. Many of the stalls had samples and we were happy to oblige.

I found a stall that was selling punnets of strawberries for $1 each! I’ve been craving strawberries for 18 months now! Michael, who is not very interested in food, followed me around patiently eating his roasted almonds while I gazed in awe at the wares. They even had a huge chocolate fountain at one stall and you could buy a tub and fill it with strawberries, marshmallows, waffles etc and then drizzle melted chocolate all over it. Wow! Who else wants to relocate to Adelaide with us?

We visited a chocolate factory and a cheese factory. Both were free entry and gave free samples. Delicious.

I think that we ate Indian food on four separate occasions. We also ate shark, lamb gyros, prime rib steaks, fish and chips and fresh subway sandwiches!

Ice cream shops offered 30 or 40 different choices of freshly made ice cream, I also ate frozen yogurt, gelato, strawberry pavlova, Ribena, maltesers, boost bars, mint aeros, pineapple lumps, strawberry clouds, blackcurrant pastilles and about a billion other kinds of candy.

So, do you think that given I ate all of this in the days leading up to my glucose test, the result could be a little distorted? Worth a repeat test in a few weeks just to make sure? I think so. I mean, the holidays are coming up for crying out loud. Who wants to skip the good stuff for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day?



  1. Hilarious. I cannot believe how much you ate when you were only there a few days. Actually, I can believe it. I have seen you do it in the past and no doubt will see it again, you little porker!

  2. Sounds like Australia was ooooohhh so good! I’m glad you had fun and got to have a little variety as well.

    Because I have chosen to have home births, I have done a bunch of research on GD and this glucose test in particular. The (medical industry) jury is still out on whether this test is really an accurate measure of GD. I don’t take the test because I don’t feel like it is an accurate measure. If you are really worried about your long-term sugar levels, an HbA1C blood test (you don’t have to fast or drink a horrid drink) is a much more accurate test. It is the test they use for actual diabetic patients to monitor their sugar levels from the last 3 months, and whether they need medication or a change in diet.

    I would skip the test, enjoy the holidays and recognize I need to be aware of how I feel and make sure I am not letting my sugar levels yo-yo. Either way you decide with the test, you’re smart, you know how you feel and what you need. That’s my two cents–take it for what it’s worth. 😉

  3. That is funny!! I don’t blame you- I would have gone crazy too! If you can I would do the test again, just to be sure.

  4. Helen, when you come back to Utah, please bring your family to my house for dinner!! It sounds like I could make just about anything and you’d all think I was amazing after eating the same stuff for 2 years, lol. It’d help my ego a lot.

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