Posted by: monsonmadness | December 4, 2012

British friends

We have some new friends. They are British. I love them.

I could leave the blog post at that, but I’ll tell you a little more. Our new friends have lived in American Samoa for a few years and we had never met them or run into them, they live on the East side of the island, quite a way from us. We met in Fiji! We were on a tour and everyone had to introduce themselves. (Read about it here) Anyway, we have just recently started hanging out and IT IS GREAT for many reasons. Here are some of them are in no particular order…

* She “gets” my sense of humor! She has the same one, so she really makes me laugh. Americans often think I’m weird which is so far from the truth (right?)

* Hannah has a new friend. Their daughter is only a week apart in age from Hannah and she is over the moon that she has a friend to play with. Hannah hasn’t scared her away so far with her bossiness so it’s looking good.

* My friend bakes treats for us! Yes, here in the heat, she bakes. Tonight they came over for dinner and she had made home made donuts for dessert. What’s not to love about that?

* Their son is a week apart in age from Matthew, and was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. Not to sound pleased about the diagnosis at all, but it is wonderful, just wonderful for Matthew to have a real friend who is very similar. Benjamin usually “gets the friends” and Matthew hangs out with younger kids. His Mom and I have bonded because we know what it’s like to parent these children, and having someone to talk to and laugh with about some the struggles is such a blessing.

* We invited Jacob to join scouts with Matthew and Benjamin so we get to see them every week (hooray). They often come over earlier for play dates and sometimes dinner. It’s a really nice arrangement.

* My new friend is so caring and thoughtful. All of her kids go to school during the day, so she’s offered to watch my kids on Thursday when I go in for my appointments. I feel pretty guilty about that, but am so grateful that I don’t have to take the kids with me. She is very generous, a typical British trait. She really reminds me of my older sister in lots of ways.

* They make British food!!! We went to their house for a BBQ and instead of hot dogs we had sausages, and burnt ones at that. On purpose. How perfectly British is that!

* They have the most amazing house up on the mountain overlooking the harbor. I’d love to live there. That’s not why I love them of course, just wanted to mention it! It’s gorgeous and they have TWO bath tubs. Say it with me, “thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet”

Here are some photos of us at the beach with our new friends. Matthew and Jacob played soccer forever on the beach. We had a great time. Hannah got a great shot of Michael and me before, during, and after a big wave got us! The after shot is not flattering at all with my white whale legs sticking up in the air, but I knew it would make several people laugh so I posted it anyway. No re-posting anywhere else….all copyright rules apply.



  1. Thank you for the comment about your older sister! 🙂

    Sounds great, really pleased for Matthew. I loved the blog about his goal as well, can’t wait to hear about it first hand!

    Will have a look at the photos soon…



  2. Loving knowing you too Mrs. Monson…..x

  3. They sound like awesome friends! I can’t decide if I think you’re weird or not!! And the picture of your legs did make me laugh- thank you!!!

  4. Having a good friend can help make the world a better place! .

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