Posted by: monsonmadness | December 9, 2012


Here are some randoms to lighten the mood of my blog a little bit!

* Michael got into trouble the other week. He had come to watch a soccer game, and a parent gave out sandwiches afterwards. Michael was walking back to his car, eating his sandwich when he was stopped by a guard and was told he was breaking the rules. Michael didn’t know what he was talking about. “You can’t walk and eat at the same time” said the man, and made Michael put his sandwich away. Later we found the sign with all the rules on it, I laughed so hard. No eating or drinking while walking, no wearing shorts (except for all the soccer players I suppose) and no going topless. True story. (Wonder how much trouble you’d get in to if you did all those things at once??!!!)


* Our friends had some car troubles and had to order a part from off island. This usually means waiting for several weeks for the part to arrive, and several more for it to get fixed. They only have one car, I felt so sorry for them. We let them borrow Michael’s car which isn’t really very charitable at all given the condition that it’s in. I’m sure they weighed up in their minds whether they’d rather walk around or take the bus over our lovely automobile which has no air conditioning (misery out here), the roof leaks when it rains (and it rains a lot here), the windows don’t go down anymore, and everything creaks. They gratefully accepted the offer though, and I think they were fine with things until my friend discovered that we had accidentally included a special surprise with the vehicle loan…a black lizard living inside that was kind enough to run over her feet while she was trying to drive. Don’t think they’ve stopped giving thanks for their own vehicle since it got fixed. As our family repeats before bed, “there is always, always, always, something to be thankful for!”

* After lots of emails, we got our money back from the airline for the difference in fare on our flights and our accommodation in Samoa 🙂

* Mary cut her hair again. We found piles of it behind her bedroom door and the scissors hidden in her pillowcase. It was actually right after the first cut which is a long time ago now, but we were so upset with her. I decided to follow some of your advice and give her scissor overload. The same day I told her that we were cutting paper for the rest of the day. I meant it too. She had a big stack of paper to cut up, and thought it was great for about 5 minutes, then she got bored. I told her that she couldn’t be done until she’d finished them all since she loved cutting and I wanted her to be happy. She told me she had enough, but I wouldn’t let her get down. Call child services if you want. I kept her there cutting for almost two hours! She had several tantrums along the way, claimed that she really didn’t love cutting after all, and threw all her cuttings on the floor. I told her that she couldn’t go to bed until she’d cleared up all her mess. More tantrums, more crying, more patronizing questions of “I thought you liked cutting?” “Isn’t cutting fun?”  Then I made her pose with her hair cuttings in her hand and her cuttings all around her. That was three weeks ago now, and do you know what? She’s not interested in cutting any more.


* Our fridge is broken again (for the third time). We’ve lost a bunch of food and it’s hard not having cold drinks, BUT looking on the bright side, I don’t have to worry about food too much this week because the amazing Relief Society is bringing me dinners Mon-Fri because I’m supposed to be resting. I feel pretty guilty about that, I’m not great at accepting service and help, but I’m trying to do better. I know I like to help people who are sick or having trouble, so I need to accept the offering with gratitude and humility. It really is a blessing.

* And here are some photos of my cute kids playing, because that’s enough to make anyone smile!


  1. That is funny that he got in trouble for eating a sandwich!! Poor little Mary- it’s so tough to learn these hard lessons! (Good one by the way!!) While I was letting Collin do a cutting activity I was telling Miles about Mary cutting her hair and Collin says “Yeah, like this” and reaches up to cut his hair! I yelled no and he stopped just in time! Miles and I had a good laugh! And Collin got a good lesson on what is ok to cut and what is not.

  2. Isn’t the Relief Society wonderful? I love how they are so willing to help. When Robyn was in the hospital the Relief Society helped with meals. It was wonderful because the last thing I wanted to think about was food.

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