Posted by: monsonmadness | December 12, 2012

Tropical Cyclone Evan

Tropical Cyclone Evan was just upgraded to a category 2 hurricane and should be hitting us soon. Here are some random clips from different articles:



* At 12 noon today, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012, the National Weather Service Pago Pago is reporting that Tropical Cyclone Evan was centered about 80 nautical miles west of Pago Pago moving eastward 10 knots. Regional weather forecasters say that Evan, now a category two storm on a five point scale, is continuing to intensify.

Besides the hurricane warning, the flash flood watch is also in effect.

The worst of the winds from the storm will start picking up tonight at about 60 mph increasing to 70 mph with gusts to 85 mph overnight. Forecasters are predicting tomorrow’s winds to be at hurricane force at 75 to 95 mph with gusts to 120 mph. Then increasing with gusts to 130 mph before noon tomorrow.

The LDS missionaries close to the ocean have been evacuated to chapels on higher ground.

We have been boarded up and are safe inside 🙂




* Reports from Western Samoa: No-one has power. The LDS temple and mission homes are being powered by a generator. Samoa’s capital Apia is being devastated by Cyclone Evan. There is extensive flooding in Apia, particularly in the low lying central business district, along with powerful winds and heavy rain. All rivers have flooded and most of the roads out of Apia are now cut off.


* Here is a photo of the walkway at Faleolo International Airport this morning.


Michael spent several hours this morning making sure that the widows and single women in our church had help to board up their homes.

So there you have it! The worst should be tonight and tomorrow. We expect to lose power at any time. We have lots of food and water, flashlights and batteries. We have lots of games and activities for the kids, and should be just fine waiting things out at home.

Wonder what learning opportunities will come from this experience? At the very least we now have a new suggestion for a baby boy name…Evan Monson???

If you want to follow the hurricane in real time, click on this link:

* New update the morning after:

Although we got a lot of rain and lost power in the night, an hour before we woke up, the hurricane turned and is headed back towards Samoa. This is a huge relief for us, but terrible for them, who are already facing so much devastation. Two children have drowned, they don’t have water or power, and there is a lot of destruction. To face it all again one day later is horrific. We have been praying for the people there. Hope you will too.



  1. Wow- what an intense experience. I’m glad that everything turned out ok for you guys. That is so sad to hear about those children and the devastation in Samoa. I will be praying for them for sure.

  2. Name of the baby Evan Samoan about that..?

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