Posted by: monsonmadness | December 16, 2012

Going home

It’s time to leave. Time to go home, but where is home?

Isn’t home where you are safe and happy with your family? Where you have time to be together and enjoy each other? To see joy on your children’s faces, to hear their giggles and see them laugh?

Then we’re already home. But it’s time to leave.

My symptoms have continued and it is not safe for me to deliver the baby here. We have decided to finish our contract here four months early and move back to Utah.

We have a place to stay, and we will have support from friends and family. We will have access to good medical care.

We will be leaving here in less than a month, and so our time now is filled with big things like trying to find a renter for our place here so that we don’t have to continue making rent payments after we leave, selling both of our cars, shipping a few things back to the states and selling and packing up the rest, trying to figure out what car we can buy/rent when we get back to Utah, whether to home school or put the children in public school, and finding a job for Michael before the end of January so that we can have health insurance when the baby comes. Then there are the smaller things that are still important, like how do we get transport back from the airport in Utah, what about car seats, what about coats and warm clothes for our family when we only have shorts and t-shirts here, and how do we take care of the colds and sicknesses that will undoubtedly come as we move from this climate to a snowy one when we won’t have access to a pediatrician? Oh yes, and Christmas is only days away, and I have $3000 of other people’s money to spend on Christmas baskets for the needy! I’ll need to get moving on that!

All of this while I’m supposed to be on bed rest!

Well, it’ll all work out, and we are already seeing the Lord’s hand in this move and some of the amazing things that are falling into place, just like they did when we moved out here. Sure it is stressful, but we know everything is going to be ok.

It’s so hard leaving people and places behind when you have had so many growing experiences and have been changed as a person. I have a lot of concerns and worries about this next step in our lives and how it will change our family dynamics and the lifestyle that we have become accustomed to, but we feel at peace with the decision. Time to take a deep breath and move forward, one day at a time…

I am just worried that it’s not going to feel like home when we get there…




  1. Oh wow- you have a lot to do in a little amount of time! I can only imagine the mixed feelings you guys are having!

  2. ((Hugs)) to you and your family. You are doing what is best for you and your family. I know you will be missed because you guys good about touching the hearts of those around you. Good luck and please continue to let us know what is happening in your lives. I’ve enjoyed being a part of your family these past few years!

  3. Good luck as you do all these things. I’ll be thinking of you and praying often that you have the strength you need and that everything will pan out well and in good timing.

  4. Will be thinking of you all, I am sure that you have made the correct decision.Every Blessing and thank you for the blogs , i will follow the next instalment with great interest. Love Liz U.K.

  5. Let me know if I can somehow help you, Helen!

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