Posted by: monsonmadness | December 21, 2012


I’ve been too busy to write any blog posts lately, so it’s time to dig up one that I wrote a while ago and never published!

We were fascinated to find how many bats there are in American Samoa. Benjamin in particular is very interested and so he has been researching them and even did a project on them.

These bats are not the small ones you may be thinking of. Here is some information about the bats we get here:

The largest flying bat in the world is called the Samoan flying fox. It’s wing span can be up to 79 inches. Wing to wing it is as big as a Canada goose.

Throughout the Pacific the main reason for the rarity of the two fruit bat species, or flying foxes, is that it is widely sought as a food and considered a delicacy.  Sale or trade in fruit bats is now illegal in the U.S. and its territories.

Each night at dusk, we see hundreds of these bays flying around. It’s really cool.






  1. Something interesting:

    My mom passed away this summer from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. She was in a medical study and they had these big seminars you would go to where the developers go and explain why they think their drug will work. Mom’s study drug was antibacterials. They said that when some people who have had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) pass away and have autopsies that their bodies have a lot of unusual bacteria concentrated in their “grey matter.” So they were hoping if ALS patients have that bacteria while they are living, that hopefully an antibacterial would kill off bad bugs and stave off their disease.

    Anyhow, they told us about a village in Guam where like, 60% of the population has a form of ALS. It’s a weird one where they can only talk if someone else speaks first to them. Really unusual. Anyhow, everyone has this disease and they found in autopsies that they all have this unusual bacteria. So they did some research and found out this village would all eat flying fox brains. Turns out the flying fox was full of this bacteria. They got it from eating a type of floating fruit that grew in swamps there that were infested with this bacteria.


    Moral of the story: Don’t eat flying fox brains. Just in case, you know. 😉 lol.

    (Incidentally, that same bacteria is on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and is eaten by crab and shrimp. Also beward of them, I think.)

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