Posted by: monsonmadness | December 27, 2012

Christmas day in American Samoa

Christmas 2012 will be one that we will never forget. We had such a great time and made some wonderful memories.

We were carol sung to twice. Amazing both times, even videoed one of the groups so we could always remember. Both groups delivered treats to us, and one of them decorated the huge tree outside our house! What a great idea. The kids were thrilled when they woke up the next morning to see tinsel, ornaments and bows hanging on the tree outside!

I also took the kids on a little field trip to see the Christmas lights at Dad’s work. This is a little different from usual, because everything is made of recycled goods. All of the colors that you can see in the photos are from colored bottles, smashed up glass, aluminum cans, old tires, you name it, they recycled it into a Christmas wonderland. It was fun. They even gave each of the kids a free bag of candy.

Of course, our kids put on their own nativity for us with their very creative costumes that they had to pull together out of nothing! They are so hilarious. I loved Mary as the donkey, laying so still next to the baby Jesus! They sang us some beautiful Christmas songs, and when the little girls got bored, they’d just go entertain themselves by standing on their heads on the couch.

Then comes Christmas morning with the Christmas story in bed, opening stockings, snowmen pancakes, and then presents. Our kids were so cute and were over the moon with what they received. The best part was their excitement at the gifts that they had earned money for and bought for each other! Those were the favorites. Cheap and a little nasty, but they all knew what each other would like, and the enthusiasm spread quickly!

We skyped with family and then had a Christmas feast of chicken (no turkeys to be found) roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, chipolatas, bacon rolls etc. I’m sure I cooked some vegetables, but I don’t remember eating any! Mum had sent us Christmas crackers so we enjoyed those. It’s great because my kids still think that the Christmas cracker jokes are funny!

After naps it was time for the beach, because that’s what you do when you live in the middle of the Pacific at Christmas time right? We went to sliding rock with our wonderful friends. Other than the short hike which just about killed me (even Emma could do it just fine) it was perfect. We had a great time snorkeling and jumping off rocks, but had to leave quickly when the rains came down and it got dangerous!

Benjamin caught a baby toad on the way back to the car, and then we kept seeing huge ginormous ones after that! Beautiful scenery, great friends, fun memories.

Hope you had a merry Christmas too!


  1. Awesome Christmas!!

  2. I LOVE the last picture! What a Christmas. I love the idea of decorating your tree outside. How fun! What a different Christmas! Hope you don’t freeze when you come back to the below freezing temps here!!!!!

    BTW I had Indian food for Christmas dinner! I thought of you, Helen. The owners of Taste of India are my back door neighbors. They had us over Christmas day, and I had a non-typical Christmas as well (though still not as different as yours . . . no frogs here to catch!!!) =)

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