Posted by: monsonmadness | January 3, 2013


Here are some random photos from the last little while. I am going to miss the gorgeous scenery so much.

I love the photo of the sand, isn’t it beautiful?

Benjamin made me dinner in bed the other day, he is so thoughtful.

A couple of months ago when I was able to move, the kids and I loved to do pregnancy yoga together. They also love reading books with Dad at bedtime.

The other day we were on a Post Office shipping run. Michael’s sandals broke and since he was carrying heavy boxes inside to ship, he decided he needed to have a shoe so he wore Hannah’s pink crocs! Awesome.

A few more of the cute kids, and then the last one is a photo of Michael and his new obsession. Michael’s parents bought us an Ipad for Christmas and let’s just say, it’s really hard for Michael to put it down. Even when it needs to be charged, Michael will sit in a closet and use it rather than doing something else while it charges. I haven’t had a turn yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the chance now!!!

Enjoy the photos!



  1. Cute photos, Helen! I love that you guys have a big family 🙂 I’m the 9 of 10 and I love my big family. Your girls all in their pjs are super cute. And Michael in the closet with his iPad makes me laugh, lol. Fun!

    Sorry for you that you have to leave when you weren’t expecting it. I am the kind of person who needs to build up to things so I can understand that would feel kind of like someone pulling the rug out from under you. If you can think of anything that I can do for you to help prep the way, then please let me know 🙂

    • Yep, Michael and I were talking about you the other day. We’re going to need a miracle worker photographer to get us a nice family photo in a couple of months. Are you up to the challenge?

      • I’m your man! Call me when you’re ready.

  2. Cute pictures!! Did Benjamin make that dinner?? So kind of him.

    • Michael made the omelette, but Benjamin did all of the rest, including all of the decorating!

  3. Lovely pictures. I’m sure you’ll back on them in the future with such fond memories. Good luck with the move. xx

  4. Fun pics. My favorite is you looking to the ocean. I was quite impressed by Benjamin’s artistic talent!!

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