Posted by: monsonmadness | January 10, 2013

Last times

We have been trying to cram as many “last times” as we can into the last couple of weeks although most of our time has been spent at home packing up and shipping.

We’ve been spending time with some dear friends. Here are some photos of us having dinner with our friends the Temple’s. Our kids play together often and we love Ephraim and Melinda. It was a delicious dinner and then a fun round of scripture charades.

We also had a great time with our British friends. Kerry made gingerbread houses and the kids had a blast decorating and then eating them. She is such a great baker. Check out the photo of all of the delicious goodies that she made. We were spoiled. After dinner, we went out onto her balcony to watch the annual fireworks. Late night, but great fun and wonderful memories.

Our last trip to Lion’s park…the weather was great, we even saw a rainbow. We had a nice picnic, the kids played well, and the adults had a great laugh chatting. Oh how I will miss my wonderful friends…

One last game night with the girls, and one last trip to Samu’s for ice cream. Check out Emma’s face. She had another 2-year old tantrum, and threw her ice cream in the ocean. She was very sad to realize that she wouldn’t be getting a replacement!

Moving on is so hard when you think about all that you are leaving behind. So many people and things that we will miss about this place…



  1. It’s hard to move when you aren’t ready. I am thankful for the modern technology we now have. It is easier to keep in touch now than when we were little kids.

  2. Oh my goodness- that is one sad face Emma has!!! It is sad to leave behind such good friends.

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