Posted by: monsonmadness | January 17, 2013

Polynesian Cultural Center

Hawaii – Day 2

We woke up on our first morning in Hawaii FREEZING COLD. How on earth are we going to manage Utah in a couple of days? Brrr…it didn’t really warm up here until mid-morning. It was nice to have a lie in and then eat yummy things for breakfast. It was funny when Benjamin came up to us with a question, “Mom…Dad, can I drink the water here?” “Yes Benjamin” “Right out of the tap?” “Yes Benjamin” “Wow! This place is amazing!”

We went to the beach in the morning (we’re on a private lane one house away from the beach) and watched the kids have a great time. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get in the ocean again after Samoa. The ocean here is way too cold! Hearing the kids scream for joy and shout, “This is the best day of my life” makes everything worth it. We are so lucky to have this “free vacation”.

Quick lunch and then naps for the girls, then it was off to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the rest of the day. We had the most amazing time. Everyone loved it. The shows were fantastic, and the kids loved learning new things in each country and getting a stamp on their maps so that they could claim a free prize at the end of the day. They made fish out of palm leaves, learned to dance the hula, play bamboo tunes from Fiji, dance like the Tongans, even go fishing in the lagoon! We had saved the Samoan area for last, expecting to see their family show before we went to dinner. When we arrived, we found that it had been cancelled, and at first we were really disappointed, but then we realized that although we would have been more familiar with what was done there, at least we got to see and learn lots of new things in the other countries. One of the things that they do at the Samoan show is to demonstrate climbing coconut trees, and since we’ve already seen our Bishop do that, we didn’t feel like we missed out!

Dinner was an “Island Feast” buffet and all of the servers bent over backwards to accommodate us and to be kind. They were even friendly when Emma knocked over all the bowls from the buffet line and made a huge noise. The whole place went quiet for a moment, and then they reassured us that it happens every day and it wasn’t a problem at all! The fresh pineapple was delicious and so was the coconut cake. This no sugar thing will have to wait until we get to mainland USA!!!

After dinner we went on a tram tour of BYU Hawaii and the visitors center at the temple. Then, it was time for the show, “Ha”. It was incredible, and even though Daniel and Mary fell asleep (it didn’t finish until 9pm), the other kids loved it, especially the fire dancers. Another wonderful day in paradise. Think we’ll have a more relaxing day tomorrow…



  1. Oh no Helen your family is going to freeze to death here. We’re freezing and we’re used to this climate. Hawaii sounds delightfully warm right now. At least we weren’t in the negatives today!!

  2. thanks for the updates, its so good to hear how you’re doing. it’s still quite chilly here, too… brrr…

  3. I would love to sit on the beach right now in the sunshine. Hawaii sounds so amazing. Some day, I will go there.

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