Posted by: monsonmadness | January 18, 2013

Beach day

Hawaii – Day 3

I told you we’d rest didn’t I? No-one believed me!!!! On our third day in Hawaii we just hung out at the beach. I sat on a towel and watched as my family had the time of their lives. It was so beautiful. Benjamin tried to throw me in the ocean, but I wasn’t having any of it. Brrrr. We dropped over 20 degrees in heat coming here, and apparently we have another 60 degrees or so to drop when we get to Utah. Lovely. Can you tell how excited I am to go back to the cold? I’ve mentioned it enough right?

Anyway, the beach was great, the kids had fun, and then in the afternoon we picked up our friend Lydia from American Samoa who just moved here to go to BYU-Hawaii and she came over for dinner and then babysat for us so that Michael and I could go to the temple. We met up with a university friend who we had both known from our singles ward 13 years ago. Crazy!

See? Nice relaxing day.



  1. I love reading your updates Helen! Your life is rather adventurous! Who did you meet up with from the old singles ward? Love y’all!!

  2. I didn’t believe you could have a relaxing day!!! Your kids look like they are having so much fun!!!

  3. You just let us a week ago and your kids grown up and so cute, Heavenly father gave you and amazing adorable kids. You have so much fun at hula land. Tell Lydia say hello..

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