Posted by: monsonmadness | January 24, 2013

Life in Utah

Life in Utah is very different to what we were used to in American Samoa. We dropped almost 90 degrees in temperature and we are having a hard time adjusting. We are congested and have dry, cracked lips and skin, nose bleeds and other lovely symptoms.

The other day my friend asked the kids if they liked it in Utah or if it was too cold here. Without any hesitation, little Emma took it upon herself to answer for the group, she piped up fiercely, “It’s too cold here!”

Cold is also beautiful. Look at the gorgeous mountains that we are surrounded by. The scenery is stunning. I also like the photo of the ginormous icicle that is growing in and around this tree. How cool is that?

We really have to bundle up to go outside. Grandma bought coats for all the kids, and we were able to find the rest of what we needed from our storage or the local thrift shop. It is a huge effort to get everyone dressed up to go anywhere. Gone are the days of shorts and t-shirts every day and being able to leave the house in less than 30 seconds!

Of course, with the cold weather, I needed to buy long pajamas for the kids. I love this photo of my spooky skeletons.

There are loads of snacks here and I’m trying to restrain myself, but we’re enjoying all the treats we can find at the store (and so cheaply too)

Our house is a real mess…there are boxes everywhere, and we have been so busy with various appointments that we are not managing to unpack much. Oh well, no rush right?

Lastly, we have seen family several times, and it’s like we were never away. The cousins play together really well and our kids are always asking to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

There’s lots more to report, but it will have to be in installments! Thanks for your patience 🙂


  1. I’m glad everything seems to be going pretty well for you. Except for the cold- I’m sure that is torture!!!

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