Posted by: monsonmadness | January 24, 2013

Treated like royalty

We arrived in Utah on Saturday, and then spent the day shell-shocked and exhausted. We spent Sunday with family, and then on Monday, we drove up to Kaysville where our home is.

We were treated like royalty by our friends and neighbors. Our amazing friends took such good care of us, from helping us go through our storage unit to find our warm clothes, to making a lunch for us, to hosting an open house, and for all of the friends who dropped in to say hello. It was so overwhelming that I forgot to take many pictures…sorry.

When we arrived, we stopped in to see Addie first who had the key to our storage unit. It was so cool to see how big “baby Malia” was. Addie was going to watch our kids while Michael and I did the storage, but there was some sickness in her family, so we made some last minute changes. Instead, we took them to the Shepherd’s (Bishop and his wife) who live behind us, and who treat everyone they know like family. We dropped off the kids and told them we’d be back in an hour and a half.

When we came back, the girls ran down the stairs wanting to show us the bracelets that they had made. They also made an American Samoa memory book. I was so surprised when the boys told me that instead of making bracelets, they had gone to the farm and fed the cows!!! How random and awesome is that? They had climbed and played in the hay and had a great time. Told you our neighbors were awesome didn’t I? It get’s better. We bought a car for when we got here and on the first day it broke. (Will fill you in more later). Anyway, the Shepherd’s said that we could borrow their suburban until ours was fixed! So, so generous!

Our good friends Casey and Eric helped us out with navigating the storage unit. I stood by with frozen toes trying to direct a little bit. I was the one who had packed everything and knew (kind of) where things were and how they were labelled. It was SOOOOO cold. For some reason, we were able to find almost everything we wanted…baby clothes, kid clothes, snow clothes, Michael’s clothes, but NOTHING for me! No shoes, boots, clothes or anything. Oh well, guess I’ll have to buy new 😉 A little bonus for me was that Michael pulled out something that I’d forgotten we even owned…a towel warmer! I was so excited. Now I can have nice warm towels when I get out of the shower before I turn into an icicle.

We went to our friend’s house and had a yummy lunch. The kids had made a welcome sign for us and decorated the house with streamers. It was awesome. It was amazing that all the kids just picked up right where they left off, having fun and playing together as if they’d never been apart.

I was so happy to see some wonderful friends, and so shocked that many of them had brought freezer meals for us to take home. I haven’t had to cook a meal since we’ve been here. My friends are so generous. Others brought hot chocolate, and some brought extra snow clothes for our kids. Thank you so much!

So, we went home after being treated like royalty. We were driving two borrowed cars, full of boxes, freezer meals, and hand me downs. One friend even let me borrow some of her shoes since I don’t have any here! These are the friends that I love and appreciate so much. Can’t wait to get back to the neighborhood and to be able to catch up with everyone properly. I feel so blessed to have so much support here. Thank you one and all!


  1. That is awesome. Amazing friends!!!

  2. While it is nice to get meals made up for you, upon returning to the States I particularly enjoyed going to *one* store and being able to select *all* ingredients. Welcome home!

  3. Amazing friends. Good luck acclimating yourself to the cold weather. It sounds like Utah is experiencing a cold snap. HOpe it doesn’t last too long.

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