Posted by: monsonmadness | January 25, 2013

Our first week in review


Arrived at the airport, greeted by family with warm coats for everyone! Walked outside and the ice wave hit us. It was even hard to breathe! Saw our new car for the first time. We had ordered and paid for a black suburban. Our car turned out to be blue 😦

Drove up to our temporary home in Midway. Driving up the canyon, the thermometer read 0 degrees! Driving at 65 mph was crazy too.

The home that we are staying in is perfect. We are so grateful to Michael’s parents for letting us stay here. It is a fully furnished house and it is oh so warm!

Instead of unpacking and getting things done like I wanted, we were so tired that we just crashed on the couch and chatted with Grandma and Grandpa for a couple of hours. After they left, we got a few things done. Made extra keys for the car, Michael got a haircut, and then we went grocery shopping. Walking around Wal-Mart was fun! The food was half the price of what we are used to paying and there was so much to choose from. We filled our cart until it was overflowing and then went to check out. We couldn’t find long sleeved shirts for the boys or cardigans for the girls so knew we’d have to go out again somewhere else that evening so that we would have warm clothes for church the next day.

When we got in our car to drive home there was a problem. A big problem. The car made crazy screeching noises whenever we pushed on the brake, accelerator, or turned the wheel! What the heck? When we got home, Michael checked the power steering fluid and it was gone. It had all leaked out so we thought a pipe had burst. It was fine when we drove up the canyon, so we assumed it was just a terrible coincidence. We knew we’d have to wait until Monday to do anything about it though…

After baths for all the kids that night, Mary got burned on the fire. She had been hurt earlier in the day slipping and falling on the ice. No time to go to another store, so no warm clothes for the kids. This was turning out to be not such a great day after all…


It was almost impossible to get up this morning. The beds are luxurious and comfortable. The rooms are pitch black. We just wanted to stay in bed all day, but…we had plans. Michael’s sister and her family were in town from out of state and would be leaving this week, so we wanted to spend the day with them. Michael’s Dad generously brought a car up to us so that we could drive down and be with the family.

We went to church with them all, and then back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner. Michael’s other sister and two of her kids joined us, but her other children were sick so we’d have to wait to meet those cousins. We celebrated Matthew’s 10th birthday a little early, and he was thrilled to be the center of attention.


Drove to Kaysville to go through our storage unit and see some friends. Have already posted about that here.

The guy we bought the car from was out of town for a couple of days, so we took it in to the dealer to get a quote. Got a quote of over $2000 for four separate things. Not happy. It supposedly passed inspection a week ago and had a drive guarantee. Something else to try and figure out this week…


Took the four oldest kids into their new school, Midway elementary, to get them registered. Will write a separate post about that later. Two of them are thrilled, and two of them are begging for me to continue home schooling them. I think they’re all going to love it, and it’s only for four or five months…

A bit of unpacking…house still a big mess!

Unpacked our computer and printer which we had shipped DHL. Our boxes were pretty damaged and it turns out our printer is broken. Wonder how our boxes that we shipped parcel post over the ocean will turn up!

Tried to treat all our ailments! We have runny noses, congestion, nose bleeds, cracked lips, dry hands and more.

Michael received a job offer! Hooray. We were thrilled about it.

We drove down to Salt Lake for a pizza dinner with Michael’s family again. More playing with cousins…


Michael took the little girls in for flu shots. When he came home, I headed straight down Provo canyon for my cardiology appointments. It was so great to see all my friends again (I worked there 10 years ago). One of my friends did the echo cardiogram and we talked all the way through it! She offered to try and find out the baby’s gender when she was done, but because the baby is so big now, she couldn’t do it. I was disappointed until she offered to go and get another colleague who did baby ultrasounds for 20 years. He came in and gave me the most thorough ultrasound I’ve ever had. He was telling me all kinds of details about seeing the 4 chambers of the baby’s heart, the brain, kidneys, having plenty of amniotic fluid and a healthy placenta…everything. And yes…he was able to tell me with 100% certainty that we are having a baby girl! He said that the baby was large, but he couldn’t do exact measurements or a weight estimate because his machine was set up to look at hearts not babies, and they didn’t have the right measuring function!

After the echo, I went downstairs to meet with my nurse practitioner friend for the results. A bunch of my old colleagues came in and we laughed (and screamed just a little) and caught up on things. I had another EKG, and then they actually brought in the doctor to go over the results with me. Basically the echo showed that the structure of my heart is good, there are no problems. They also said that most of my symptoms like the murmur, racing heart beat, palpitations and breathlessness can be normal in women my age this late in pregnancy. However, fainting is not, and they were concerned about that. They said I should be just fine to deliver anywhere I want to, but that if my symptoms get worse or I faint at all, I need to come back in to get a heart monitor to wear around the clock. I was really happy with these results.

I got home and picked up the older kids and took them for flu shots. This whole time, Michael’s parents were babysitting because Michael was at another job interview. He had already had 3 interviews with them, but they wanted to meet him in person. He said that since he had another offer under his belt, he didn’t feel any pressure and was really relaxed.

After the interview, it became apparent that the job offer that he had already received offered better salary, benefits, and growth opportunities.


Woke up to treacherous icy roads. There were lots of accidents and the news said to stay off the roads if you didn’t need to travel. They even closed the airports. We were supposed to be going down the canyon to sign some things on the car, and get repairs done by our seller but in the end we decided not to go with him, and get it fixed ourselves at the dealer up here  instead. Guess this deal wasn’t so great after all. We’d just like the working car that we paid for please!

Michael formally accepted the first job offer. He will be working as general counsel for Blu, a natural gas company. He starts on Monday. He will be working out by the Salt Lake airport, so it will be just over an hour or so commute from here, and about 30 minutes when we move back to Kaysville.

He is so excited about the potential growth he will experience since it is a start up company, as well as possible travel opportunities, specifically to China where some of the company’s directors are from. He has already started looking at Chinese language courses!

The company creates good, clean, fuel, and is building fueling stations all over the US. Their goal is to lower fuel costs, and have an energy independent, cleaner, and more environmentally conscious America! They already have fuel stations in operation with many under construction and lots more planned.

I spent most of the day on the phone calling OB’s up here as well as pediatricians and the hospital. Then I compared it to my own OB and pediatrician and delivering up at Davis where I had my last two kids. (Our insurance with the new job will not start until March 1st, so we will not have insurance in time for the baby to be born). I was transferred a billion times trying to get information about appointments, pricing, discounts for not having insurance, discounts for paying in advance etc.

I finally decided to deliver at Davis with my own doctors even though it’s an hour and 20 minutes away. If there is an emergency, or we are snowed in when I go into labor, I have pre-registered at the hospital in Park City as well, and will just deliver with whoever is on call that day!

We unpacked quite a lot of clothes, and we can see the carpet in the house again.

Our friend Robbie came over for dinner. Michael was room mates with Robbie when Michael and I met, was with us on our first dates, and was a big part of our engagement days! He was in Heber for a conference, so stopped in for a couple of hours to catch up. It was fun to see him. We’re still enjoying the freezer meals from my friends 🙂


The kids started school today. They were so excited. I planned to drive them today and then have them take the bus starting on Monday. Michael wanted to see the school, so we all piled into the borrowed suburban with our coats on, but it wouldn’t start! Why are we so unlucky with suburbans? Maybe we should get a 12 passenger van after all. I quickly unloaded the four school kids and took them to school in Michael’s car. When we got to the office, we found that Matthew had left his snow boots, hat and gloves in the suburban. Oh man. If only it had been any of the other kids…but pulling the rug out from Matthew on his first day of school was anything but ideal. By some miracle I was able to calm him down before he had a meltdown, but I wonder how he’ll act when it’s time for recess. Add to that the fact that his teacher slipped and fell on the ice yesterday and will be out today. His first day at school will be with a substitute. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that he does ok today!

Came home and it was very quiet around the house. Enjoyed my first bath (hooray). Tried to make the most of having Michael here for one more day by working him into the ground unpacking!

Picking up our newly fixed suburban this afternoon. Next week it is going to be so strange being here alone with the two little girls. At least the house is mostly in order and I will have a working vehicle that fits my whole family.

Have we really been here a whole week? I am exhausted. I feel like sleeping for a month.



  1. I’m so excited to hear that Michael got a job and that your heart is good. That’s awesome!

  2. Holy Cow!!! Hooray for jobs, friends and healthy hearts! Boo for icy roads, broken cars and chaos. Of anyone I know, you are the best suited for keeping it all together! I look forward to your posts everyday, don’t stop. (I should probably write mine more than 3 times a year.)

  3. That’s great that Michael got a job! Though I always hated when they delayed the start of health insurance. My opinion is if you start a job then benefits should start at the same time. So unfair to the employee!

  4. Yay for Michael’s new job!! And I’m so glad to hear things are ok with your heart. That was one crazy week!!!

  5. Yes, I agree about the health insurance starting when the job starts! I am so glad you are keeping the blog going. I love it! Really glad about the job. Hope Michael enjoys it. I was in Midway last July 21st. That is where the wagon train 15 year reunion was, at the home of Tom and Linda Whitaker. It is a lovely place, and in good company as I read that President Monson has a home there! We are in Swindon, looking after Sarah’s family. She and Stayson have gone to Germany for an exhibition. Do I assume you cannot have your own home back until June or July?

  6. Glad to hear everything went well! Congrats on the baby girl and Michael’s new job!

  7. I’m excited for Michael’s new job. We’ve had a natural gas car for 5 1/2 years and really like it. It’s become especially convenient since the Natural Gas station was built in Kaysville. It’s closer than going to a regular station (can’t usually say that). For $1.49/gal you should look into getting one too. =)

    Better luck with cars in the future!!

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