Posted by: monsonmadness | January 31, 2013

Bath full of memories


I have been waiting years for this. Literally. A nice hot bath.

The last month that we lived in American Samoa, we didn’t even have hot water. Didn’t need it as much as we do here, but it sure would have been nice!

Here in our luxurious Midway home, the bath tub is my best friend. When you add to that a delicious bar of European chocolate from my brother in law that I’m not supposed to eat but did anyway, and a cold diet caffeine free Pepsi, and you’ve got the perfect escape.

But wait! There’s more! To remind me of my experiences and friends in American Samoa while I relax, I’m using my bubble baths and lotions that were a thank you gift from the PTA for coaching the Ta’iala soccer team. I really miss those kids.

And for my listening pleasure? A CD mix of Samoan and English songs from my friend Melinda, signed “your Samoan BFF”. I’m hearing the sounds that remind me of Samoa, thinking of my friends, and enjoying my almost hot (I am pregnant remember?) bath with some of my favorite treats.

Who says you can’t have it all?


  1. When I lived in SE Asia for 6 years, any time I left my country of residence to travel, my first question at a hotel was “Do you have a bathtub?” It truly is an amazing luxury.

  2. Chocolate and a hot bath both sound wonderful.

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