Posted by: monsonmadness | February 11, 2013

I only came in for eggs…

and other randoms…

* I went to Day’s Market the other day for some eggs. When I walked in, the girls saw a shopping cart with a car they could drive. “Oh good, they’ll be contained, I won’t have to chase anyone down in the store or have them asking for extra things that I don’t want to buy” I said to myself…I walked into the store and saw a sign for fried chicken, only $5 for 8 pieces, “that’s an easy dinner” I thought, “I’ll get that with some rolls, potato and salad. Easy peasy.” While the lady was packing up my chicken, I picked up the rolls and saw all the fresh fruit and vegetables. “Looks good” I thought and grabbed a bunch of produce.

My story will continue forever at this pace, so just let it be known that I did in fact, hobble down each and every aisle in awe and wonder at the selection available and I added things to my cart every step of the way. I was pretty sore and realizing what an idiot I was with no self-control when I found the “international aisle”. I assumed it was a selection of Chinese and Mexican foods, but no! Each country had its own little selection, so I picked up some yummies from the Indian section as well as some treats from the British section. Crumpets. Seriously. They had crumpets. I just couldn’t believe it.

When I finally made it to the check out stand, my cart was overflowing. So much for not giving it to what the kids would inevitably ask for. It’s me that needs to be kept in check! As the total went into the triple digits, I looked at the cashier and said, “I only came in for eggs”, and she burst out laughing! Good day at the store!

* Took Mary and Emma to the library. Much to hard to carry all those books by myself without the older kids to help, but at least I know where it is now!

* We’re enjoying nature! Since we’ve been here we’ve seen two bucks, a moose, wild turkeys, a dead wolf, lots of deer, and several bald eagles. It’s cool to see new things, and helps us not to miss our pet geckos and termites in American Samoa so much!

* Mary wants to be a cowgirl. She is hilarious, and when she fights with Emma, it sounds something like this:

“It’s your fault.”

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is.”

“Well, you’re an onion pie then!”

* Everyone loves spending time with Grandpa.

* Hannah’s 2nd grade program was awesome.  Each kid had to dress up as a character from a book, and they all sang some great songs. Check out Hannah front and center trying to steal the show!

* “Baby” Malia came for a visit. She is so cute. My kids had a great time playing with her. Crazy that it’s been almost a whole year since she was born.

* Benjamin’s cracked and bleeding hands are just starting to get better. According to the news, Utah experienced its coldest January since 1949. Typical considering American Samoa had it’s hottest December for about the same amount of years!

Enjoy the photos.


  1. It’s so great to hear how you are all doing. I love Mary’s hat and boots!!
    When are you due? Lucky you having all that wonderful selection for shopping. Alofas to you and the family. Baby Malia is cute!!

  2. Too funny about the store!!! Poor Benjamin. When my hands crack like that I use Lansinoh on it. Weird, but it really helps! We now use it all the time for stuff like that.

    • I tried that too! Then I got some hand cream Carmax and that really did the job, not greasy either.

  3. My dad’s hands get like that during the winter. I heard you guys have had it super cold. We had a cold snap but now we are dealing with fake-out February. You think it’s spring but winter rains come back in March with a vengeance.

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