Posted by: monsonmadness | February 20, 2013

Kangaroo Zoo

It’s fun having lots of options when it comes to celebrating birthdays! For Matthew’s birthday last month we went to Chuck-e-Cheese, we drove to Kaysville on Sunday to celebrate Malia’s first birthday, and for Emma’s birthday this week we went to Kangaroo Zoo. The kids had a blast, and Michael and I were able to sit and get things done! Perfect. We went to Applebees for lunch, and for all eight of us, our bill came to $30.12 Can’t beat that. Thank you Applebees. Can’t believe our youngest is 3 years old now. This is our biggest age gap between kids. Guess it must be time for another one. Any day now…



  1. Lovely. What a beautiful photo of Emma at the end, all dressed up like a little princess. She is gorgeous. Sounds like you got your money’s worth at Applebee’s as well as it being a good idea to go to Kangaroo Zoo so you both could catch up with things while the kids played. Win win. Love, Mum xxxxx

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  2. Wow, the perspective on the photo of Daniel and Hannah! Like me in the water in Hawaii. Xxx

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  3. It’s hard to believe that Malia is 1!! Fun times you have had. My boys LOVE Kangaroo Zoo!

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