Posted by: monsonmadness | March 6, 2013

Pre labor hike

So a week past due date, insurance ready to go, it’s time to get this baby out don’t you think?

After months of bed rest, it was time to get up and let this baby know we’re ready for her!

It was a beautiful morning on Saturday. Snow on the mountains, but warm with clear blue skies all around. We got ourselves a little bag of popcorn each for our snack, and drove out to Wasatch State Park for a 1 mile hike to an old Pioneer cabin.

The kids were thrilled to be outside again finally and ran off ahead on the trail collecting sticks, rolling in the snow, and tracing various animal tracks. Michael carried Emma who decided she was too small to walk, and I hobbled along at a snails pace holding Mary’s hand.

We had a great time, but boy was I sore and tired afterwards. Although we hoped, we had no idea that I would go into labor just 10 hours later…


  1. That’s a fun hike! I love that picture of Benjamin in the tree! Sounds like the hike was a success…can’t wait to hear about the baby!!!

  2. thanks for the update, kids growing up so fast and cute, i think the baby knew the time she want to see the outside world..all photos are so cute especially the one Michael carry Mary on shoulder and Emma..loads of love..

  3. Beautiful day! Beautiful family! Can’t wait to hear about the beautiful baby!

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