Posted by: monsonmadness | March 14, 2013


Not much time to write a post so here are some photos of the last 10 days! They include Grace in lots of different outfits, Grace laying on a gorgeous quilt that my friend in Samoa had made for me, the three youngest girls watching a movie at their sleepover (when the school kids had a school movie night), Michael’s birthday, the girls at the park (yes it does feel like spring today thank you very much), and us going into the elementary school to have lunch with Daniel. He was the “monster of the week” so lots of “monsterific” things happened to him this week!!!!!! Enjoy.



  1. Best quilt ever and you are looking mighty stylish in your boots and “I didn’t just have a baby” jeans.

    • Ha! Thank you, but those are still maternity jeans with the stretchy panel!!!!! 20lbs lost since full term, 10 more to go…

  2. First I noticed how adorable Grace is!! And 2nd I noticed how great you look! Then 3rd I noticed no vegetables on your plate at Michael’s birthday dinner!!!!! Ha ha!!

    • I KNEW somebody would notice that!!!!!!!! How do you know I didn’t just eat them first???? Oh ok, you know me too well!

  3. What do you have to do to be monster of the week? Do I qualify every week, then?

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