Posted by: monsonmadness | March 25, 2013

Making up for lost time

I knew that today would be tough…it is a teacher training day at the elementary school and I’d be on my own with the kids for the whole day. There was the potential for chaos, so I knew I needed to have a good plan! I thought about taking them to a museum or something, but didn’t feel like driving anywhere, so…I decided to cram a billion things in, not leave any time for getting into trouble, and make up for lost time considering I’ve done nothing but stay home and take care of the three girls for weeks!

This is what we’ve done so far today…

* caught up on some journal writing! The kids had a blast writing about their last days in American Samoa and their vacation in Hawaii

* played several games of Mancala with the kids

* did some laundry

* took the kids to the club house for some basketball, fuseball, table tennis, pool, and race car driving!

* redeemed the school kids’ coupons for free Subway lunch that they won at a reading contest at school. Yum!

* put three girls down for naps, while oldest four watched “Old Yeller”!

* tried to sort out some mortgage and rental issues at nap time

* sent oldest four on a treasure hunt

* baked cookies with the two little girls

* took Hannah’s baptism photos

* updated blog with this post and another blog post for Michael’s family blog while older kids are working on dinner downstairs

I think I need another three weeks off of doing nothing, and just in case you’re wondering, we only had one fight today when Emma stole Mary’s chocolate milk!!!



  1. Busy day!! That’s awesome that you only had 1 fight!!!!

  2. Hannah is so beautiful, she should be the princess in the next Disney movie!

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