Posted by: monsonmadness | March 29, 2013

2 cm in 5 months and other randoms

* Remember Mary’s self haircut 5 months ago? Here is a reminder…


It has finally grown a couple of cm from the bald spot and is now long enough to flatten down with a clip! I have been so sick of the spiky, just got out of bed look. This morning I used 5 clips in her hair to pin down the front and it was so nice to see her beautiful face again! It’s still wonky in the back, but hey, you can’t see that so who cares? Check out the gorgeous girl in the photos below…

* Unpacked a couple of boxes of kids books, games, toys and home school supplies. Organized the toy closet. It’s not going to look this way for long, but boy we’re having fun right now, and I’m not hearing “I’m bored” half as much as before…

* Our kids love going to the Heber library, especially reading in the wall with holes! How cool is that?

* Hannah walked in the St. Patrick’s day Parade with her friend whose Grandma lives next door to us. They took her to lunch afterwards and she felt very special!

* Grace did the youngest ever pea on a fork posture (maybe you have to be a Williamson to get this), and she loves her new floor toy that we bought for her. What a spoiled baby. Our other kids all had to deal with hand me downs…

* Matthew and Benjamin participated in the school talent show. Matthew recited a poem about homework, and Benjamin did a news skit with his friends. It was fun to go into the school and see the kids having so much fun.

* We enjoyed an Easter egg hunt at Grandma’s house, and then I took the little girls to the Kaysville playgroup hunt as well. We’ve got a lot of candy in our house right now!

* Emma loves her “baby Grace”. She tells me every day how Grace just “popped right out of your tummy”. Yep, it was just as easy as that…NOT!!!!

Enjoy the random photos šŸ™‚



  1. Such cute pictures, Helen! Looks like your kids are adjusting to being back here in the states. Children adjust better than adults sometimes. Your baby is beautiful! So happy for you! Hope to see you soon!


  2. That wall is awesome!!! Mary’s hair is looking good!

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