Posted by: monsonmadness | April 1, 2013

Hannah’s birthday, another jam packed day!

We had a crazy busy day on Saturday celebrating Hannah’s 8th birthday. Saturday birthdays are the best because you can do so much, so we did all of her favorite things and explored Park City for the first time as well. Our family got so many stares and comments, but it was so much fun! Here’s a run down of our fun day…

Presents and birthday cake in the morning

Family bike ride, including lots of hills, breathtaking scenery, and seeing 12 deer. AWESOME (free)

Lunch and jewelry making (free)

Kimball Art Center to see “The Art of the Brick” life size lego models (free)

Family photo with the famous Franz the bear (free)

Treasure hunt in the Park City Museum, enjoyed learning about mines, trying to blow things up with dynamite, use a jackhammer, riding in an elevator mine shaft, learning about local criminals, doing sad faces in the jail cell, learning about healthy bodies and exercise and lots more. ($, but kids got two free rocks/magnets/marbles, so it was well worth it)

Ride on trolley up and down main street. The little kids’ favorite activity (free)

Walk to the shoe tree where miners would hang their boots when they got engaged (free)

A little bit of everything off the value menu at Wendy’s ($)

Family movie night to see The Croods ($)

What an exhausting and fun day!!! I love my family.



  1. Awesome day!!! I’m glad Hannah had a fun birthday!

  2. You guys always do such cool stuff!! We bought bikes and a carriage 3 years ago at the d.i. and still have never gone on a bike ride! Stockton even has a little new bike from Christmas now. You’ve inspired me to go buy helmets! lol

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