Posted by: monsonmadness | April 3, 2013

Spring break part 1

My Mum just arrived from Wales, and she has been playing all kinds of April Fool’s jokes on the kids. They’re at the just the right age to appreciate them so we have a lot of tricks and pranks going on around here!

We’re on to day 3 of Spring break, and we’ve been busy playing games with Nanna, making Easter treats, eating way too many sweets and crisps from the UK, going to the park, getting haircuts, and opening lots of toys and presents. We also went to the Church History Museum downtown. We really love the Book of Mormon exhibit that they have there. The kids enjoyed fishing from Nephi’s boat, building a temple, reading the brass plates, feeding the missionaries, and lots more. Check out all the photos below, and lastly…can you believe that baby Grace is one month old today? How time flies. I just adore her, she is so wonderful.

Spring Break part 2 to come at the weekend after our next adventures!


  1. I love seeing your Mum’s smiling face!!!!

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