Posted by: monsonmadness | April 6, 2013

Spring Break part 2 – Vernal

On Wednesday afternoon, my Mum and I decided that we’d take the kids on a short spring break trip to Vernal the next day. We booked a couple of hotel rooms at the Econo Lodge and planned the itinerary.

We left right after breakfast on Thursday morning and headed off to Vernal. The kids were really good in the car listening to scripture scouts.

Our first stop was Dinosaur National Monument. We signed up to do the Junior Ranger Program and the kids loved all of the puzzles, games, and activities as we toured the park. Seeing all of the bones and fossils in the quarry was awesome. Some we were allowed to touch. Benjamin and Daniel were in heaven.

We saw some awesome petroglyphs and amazing rock formations. We did a couple of short hikes. Our favorite was the box canyon hike. The kids loved climbing on the rocks and playing in the sand. Grace cooperated in the sling and we got some great photos. The big kids took care of the little kids really well, helping them on the hikes and climbing up and down rocks, and even giving piggy back rides when they were tired.

When we were ready to leave, we met with the Ranger to pass off on the Junior Ranger program, take the oath, and receive the Ranger badges. Nanna also bought the kids a toy each from the gift shop, birds that make realistic noises when you squeeze them which we have since had the pleasure to hear constantly day or night!

We drove back to Vernal and toured around a little. We stopped at the LDS temple, as well as an amazing playground. The kids played happily for an hour, until Hannah fell from the zip line and hurt her wrist. She was crying a lot at first, but after she calmed down, she wasn’t in too much pain. I couldn’t tell if it was a bad sprain or broken, so we decided to wait until morning, and if it still hurt or was swollen, we’d take her into the Urgent Care.

She did well that evening and through dinner, although she didn’t use her arm for anything. She and the other girls slept in a hotel room with Nanna and played games until bedtime. I had the three boys and Grace in with me.

After a delicious free breakfast of waffles, Danish’s, cereal, bagels, and juice, Hannah and I headed off to the Urgent care. Her wrist was still hurting and it had swollen up a lot. Nanna stayed in one of the hotel rooms with all the other kids watching a movie.

After seeing the doctor and getting xrays done, he confirmed that Hannah had broken her wrist (my first of seven children to have broken a bone!). He wrapped it up in a splint, and said that we couldn’t get it cast until next week when the swelling had gone down. Our biggest concern since she wasn’t in too much pain, was how this would affect her baptism next week! Never seen or heard or someone being baptized with a cast on or wrapped in a plastic bag!!! The quest is now on to find someone who can do a waterproof cast!

On with the trip…we drove up to Flaming Gorge Dam and the Green River. The scenery was beautiful. We saw lots of deer, squirrels, and hawks.

Back down to Vernal for lunch, and we decided to go all out and go back to Golden Corral where we had eaten dinner the night before. I mean, it was my favorite restaurant before, and no-one told me that sometime in the last two years they had added cotton candy and a chocolate fountain to the menu. It’s a no brainer that we wanted to eat there. We all piled our many plates high with steaks, roast chicken, pot roast, pizza, chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, fresh rolls, salads, fruits, and oh so many desserts. I had thought that going on this trip and doing some hikes I would lose a couple of pounds of baby fat, but instead, I put an extra two on!!! Oh well. I enjoyed doing it!

Our last activity was a trip to the Utah Field House of Natural History. This is such a great museum with so many hands on things for the kids to do. All the kids had fun finding hidden dinosaurs, unearthing fossils, looking at glow in the dark minerals, and much more. We only came two and half hours from home, but boy, did we have a great trip. Budget hotel, one tank of gas, and two trips to Golden Corral! As we were getting in the car to come home, Daniel said to me, “Thanks Mom. You plan the best vacations.” Love that kid!

See…I can be spontaneous!



  1. I agree 100% with Daniel- you DO plan the best vacations!!!

  2. that looks like a lot of fun! isaac says, “that’s super awesome!”

  3. I agree . . . you do plan fun vacations! Maybe you could hire out as a trip planner. You really know how to pack it in and stay with a budget; that’s talent! =)

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