Posted by: monsonmadness | April 22, 2013

So long Nanna

The big kids just left for school after I’ve spent the last hour consoling them through their tears and sobs. This morning their beloved Nanna left to go back to Wales, and they are distraught.

My Mum is just the best. She is so hands on with the kids. She gives everybody so much attention and makes them feel so special. She gets involved in what the kids are doing and is a friend to everyone. She brought treats, activities, games, April Fool’s jokes and more. She played games with the kids every day, not to mention Settler’s with me every night. Grace only wakes up once a night now, and my Mum took her several nights so that Michael and I could get more rest. She babysat so that I could go to medical appointments, our house closing, and a date night to the temple.

Lastly, she generously and very happily gave me her weight!!!! She does it every time. When she comes, she is so much more active than usual trying to keep up with the craziness of our life and kids. I, on the other hand, have less to do when she’s here helping out, so I sit on my bottom playing games and stuffing my face with delicious British crisps and sweets. This time she lost 5lbs and I put 5lbs on. Not too happy about that, but I guess it was worth it!!!

When the kids were upset this morning, Daniel ran off to write Nanna a letter and I tried to console Benjamin and Hannah by telling them that we were trying to save up money so that we could visit next year. Hannah said, “Well I’ve got $6, so that’s a start”. She’s right, it’s a start, and hopefully we’ll be able to visit our British family some time next year.

Thanks for coming Nanna. We love you! (And thanks for limping around on your own Dad so that she could come)



  1. Wow so sad for the family especially the kids.. and plus you have an awesome good support mother, you are so lucky to have her in your life. Have a safe trip back home Nana….

  2. Good old Mim. x

  3. Awww….so sad!!! She is awesome!

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