Posted by: monsonmadness | April 23, 2013

Family Photo Shoot

It is common knowledge that it is impossible to get a photo of our family with everyone looking in the right direction and smiling at the same time. That is why I don’t use professional photographers. I don’t care how good they may be, there’s just no way they can make a miracle happen with the ages and number of my kids. Fact.

So, since my Mum was here and is always a good sport to take our photos, we decided to dress up and try and get a family photo. We wore our Samoan Puletasi’s that we had made before we left American Samoa. Since we didn’t know if Grace was going to be Grace or Samuel at that point, we had both a tie and a small dress made for her! Since I was fitted for my puletasi when I was 8 months pregnant, my talented mother-in-law took it in for me so that it would fit better now.

I really wanted to take our photo at Wasatch state park, which is just 2 minutes from our house. A bit ironic really since we’re wearing Samoan clothes with snow-capped mountains behind us! As you can see, we were facing the sun and those photos didn’t work out at all.

We couldn’t find any pretty flowers anywhere, so after moving to a new, shadier location, we decided that a close up would be better. The kids got all their silly faces out, and then tried to smile! Here are all of the results.



  1. Those are cute!

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