Posted by: monsonmadness | June 7, 2013

Hooray and Boo for a full day

I am so grateful right now for things that happened yesterday. It was a difficult day (boo) but there were lots of great things that happened (hooray). Here are some of them…

Boo – To having to drive all the way to Kaysville (2 1/2 hours round trip) for 3 medical appointments.

Hooray – To having two amazing friends who each took 6 of my kids for the morning or the afternoon (on top of their own four children) so that I wouldn’t have to do the appointments with all my kids in tow.

Boo – To having to wait 3 months for this appointment but I heard he was the best, and I wanted to go with a great new doctor.

Hooray – To getting to wait in this awesome waiting room.


Well…remember what I was used to in American Samoa!

Boo – To these photos from LBJ hosptial!




Hooray – To finding he really was an AMAZING doctor. He spent 45 minutes with me and was so personable. He listened and cared about all of the symptoms and problems I’m having and was so thorough, even doing a thyroid ultrasound right there in the office.

Boo – To having to get 9 vials of blood taken so that they can run a bunch more tests and diagnose my arthritis properly.


Hooray – My thyroid levels are wacky again (common because of pregnancy) and I am hyperthyroid again (hence the yucky sypmtoms) Looks like I’ll be able to come off my meds soon.

B00 – Finally getting home at 7.30pm  to find a message on the answering machine saying that they hadn’t drawn enough blood and needed me to go back to the lab and get more!!!

Hooray – After 20-30 hours on the phone, and thanks to the kind help of a stranger pulling some strings, we were able to get Matthew an appointment to see a child psychiatrist.

Boo – To having to fill out 40 pages of questionnaires, health histories, behavior logs etc etc

Hooray – To finding ANOTHER amazing doctor in one day. The psychiatrist also spent 45 with me, then another 15 with Matthew and again, was completely thorough. It is so refreshing to get great medical help and know that they really care and want what’s best for you.

Boo – To finding out that Matthew needed to have some blood drawn for tests as well. He doesn’t deal with pain well, and I knew that he was going to freak out.

Hooray – For insurance to cover all of this!


I am really grateful for wonderful friends and the support that they offer me. I really do not know what I would do without my friends.

I am so grateful that we have good insurance and that we have finally been able to find some wonderful doctors who can help us with our problems.

I am so grateful that hopefully I can start feeling better (yes, the doctor said that the heart palpitations and breathlessness were thyroid related), and hopefully figure out what we need to do for my daily pain.

I am so grateful that we have someone who is committed to helping my son so that he can have the most normal life possible.

Hooray for life!



  1. Wow! Boo that you live far away from me!
    Hooray! You are awesome!

  2. Hooray that all the appointments went well!!

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