Posted by: monsonmadness | June 28, 2013

Saving money, spending time!

The dining area in our new house is too small for a rectangular table (well, for one that is big enough to seat our family at least) so we had to find a square dining table for when we moved. We needed the larger 60 inch square instead of the normal 54 inch because we need to be able to have three people sitting along the sides instead of two. These are very hard to find, and very expensive. The sets that we found, including eight chairs, ranged between $1400 and $3000.

Not likely! I decided to try my luck in the classified on ksl. After a few weeks of looking, I found a set for only $400, but it was light oak and didn’t match the colors of the new house at all. I asked Michael how hard it would be to sand and re-stain so match our kitchen cabinets and he said it wasn’t too hard and we should do it.

So…we saved a LOT of money, but we also spent a LOT of time doing it. If you ask was it worth it, I’m not sure what the answer is. I really love it, but really, we spent hours and hours doing it. Each chair had to be sanded with a belt sander and a detail sander, then we did two layers of stain, and then varnish. The table was really tricky because the top was actually laminate and if you sand too hard, the wood grain “pattern” simply sanded off. We had several mishaps along the way, a varnished dress, various stained body parts, and Michael “forgetting” to wipe off the stain from the chairs so that it dried with streaks and runs and then had to be re-sanded and re-stained all over again. He redeemed himself by making two benches that I had found on a web site. He built them pretty quickly and I stained and varnished them. They each fit three people and are really sturdy.

Yep, it wasn’t fun, but we finally got it all done. We bought a glass table top to finish it off and it fits perfectly in our new house. Ten people around the table, and four matching chairs around the counter. Ta-da!



  1. but it’s looks so good and awesome…

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