Posted by: monsonmadness | July 9, 2013

Visit from Cathy

My sister Cathy arrived for a visit the day after we moved into our new house. We gave her a bed and hoped she’d make do without much else. She was very patient as we spent time unpacking and organizing, trying to cram in fun outings whenever we could.

We did a ton of stuff while she was here including Hollywood Connection (free) with bumper cars, roller coaster rides, mini golf etc, Ogden Nature center (free) with make a bug and dress up like a bug crafts, Hill Aerospace Museum (free), 7 peaks water park (free), musical of the Sound of Music (free) and the Stadium of fire 4th of July concert with Cirque de Soleil and Kelly Clarkson (not free). We met up with our friends from American Samoa for a picnic in Provo Canyon, the kids were over the moon to see their friends. We also played at parks, had picnics, shopped at Wal-Mart a lot, got dentist appointments done, had two date nights while Cathy babysat the kids, and I even got a massage one nap time while she babysat as well. How awesome is that?

We enjoyed eating at Golden Corral (twice), TGI Fridays, frozen yogurt (4 times), Krispy Creme donuts, 7-11 slurpees, and dippin dots. Of course we can’t forget Chuck E Cheese, what fun we had there!

Cathy and I went to see a movie one night and we watched a couple at home in the evenings as well. We played lots of games and she even beat me at Settler’s  of Catan once. I must be out of practice!

We loved having Cathy run around after the chickens, watching her laugh hysterically and having way more treats than usual. We will miss listening to her Disney cd’s in the car, hearing her cheesy jokes, and watching dumb you tube videos about baby monkeys riding on pigs. Fun to remember me pretending to fall in a pit at the garage, comparing the flat cotton candy to Grace’s head, trying to give directions to non English speakers, and trying to explain how tall a 5ft easel was. I love watching my kids with her, she is the best aunt and gives them so much individual attention. She makes each kid feel so special and still has fun with all of them together. She’s happy to play games with them, teach them songs on the piano, and put up with Matthew’s repetitive games. My kids LOVE their Auntie Cathy and I am so sad that she won’t be around. She fills a very important role in their lives. Thanks for the good times Auntie Cathy.



  1. What a fun visit for her!!

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