Posted by: monsonmadness | August 11, 2013


It is time to bid farewell to my blogging fans! You may have noticed that my blog entries have been fizzling out and are now non-existent. There are many reasons for this, but the bottom line is that it’s time to say goodbye!

This blog was created by popular demand to document our adventures and experiences in American Samoa. Task completed.

I have enjoyed writing and sharing our stories and experiences with our friends, family and strangers. I hope that you have been entertained, educated, uplifted and encouraged. It is now time to move on in my life.

I thought it was funny that the top ten search terms of people looking for information on the internet and being referred to my blog are (in order), Helen Monson blog, heat rash, Samoan fale, black crab, big girl undies, white Sunday, miracle baby, scarred legs, steps for showering, and congratulations you’re pregnant.

As one last hurrah, here is a summary of some of my most memorable blog posts with some photos below. Thank you for your love, support, encouragement and friendship. It means so much to me. Signing off…

1. Bottom fish

2. Have you ever been a part of a miracle?

3. A full heart, a broken heart

4. Not your average day

5. Fanning fannies (Rated PG-13 be warned)

6. Dead dog dilemma

7. Tropical Cyclone Evan

8. The truth about American Samoa

9. The truth about American Samoa, part 2

10. Christmas Project part 2



  1. Awesome pictures!!! I loved reading about all your adventures! Although, your kids are so funny that I think you should keep blogging to share their antics with us!!!

  2. Thanks for the good times! Will you guys be going back to England by the way?


    • We live in Utah, but are hoping to go back to the UK next spring for a visit. Won’t have seen my Dad or sisters for 3 years…

  3. Dear Helen and Michael, many thanks for the pleasure you have brought with your blogs. They have been very interesting and I have saved them all. You reminded me of our time in the Sudan when our children were small. The period has a profound effect on the rest of your life. Life is never the same again. We hope that you keep in touch, I don’t know how much time you will have for family history but I persevere and still enjoy it though I have done the work on the immediate family. It is always interesting to read about the children and how they grow. I don’t know how you managed to find the time to blog and bring up the children. We wish you every blessing in the future and though you will not be blogging, please keep in touch. Love Lizx Sent from my iPad

  4. what a lovely collection of memories. i was so happy to browse through them. thank you for all the meaningful times together 🙂

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